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Terms of the contest

As part of the Beam Beam X Les Presidentielles contest, in order to try to win aplaystation5, some rules must be respected so that your participation is well recorded: 


Contest rules and information:

  1. Of 29/03 to 24/04 until 7 p.m., after which entries will no longer be taken into account.

  2. By participating in this contest I certifylive in Metropolitan France, bemajor or be a minor with aParental authorization.

  3. To participate, simply share the official BeamBeamPresident clip on social media with the @beambeamapp, then comment on our post on social media by tagging 2 friends and putting the #BeamBeamPresident.Attention only one entry per person, any multiple participation will be automatically disqualified.

  4. Earn per day : APlayStation 5 digital edition !

  5. The winners will be drawn on 25/04 at 2 p.m. and will be announced on ourInstagram @beambeamapp, they will also be contacted byemail and will have1 week to show up. In the context where the winners does not show up, the console will then bethrow in and a new winner will be contacted.

  6. The console will be given to the winner bymailing if his or her postal address has been sent in the form, please ensure that youconvey all your information.

1ère étape :

Scannez les affiches des différents candidats avec l'application Beam Beam.

2ème étape :

Partagez le clip officiel    BeamBeamPresident et partagez

sur vos réseaux sociaux en taguant @beambeamapp.

3ème étape :

Taguez 2 amis en commentaires de notre post et n'oubliez pas le #BeamBeamPresident

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